Inside the Harrisburg State Capitol on July 14, 2009, former Raíces board president Monica Rodrigo-Useche urges everyone to rally against a possible elimination of all state arts funding — while still keeping a hopeful smile.


Raíces provides cross-cultural lectures, music and dance performances and tailored cultural arts educational programs for school assemblies and workshops.

To request a performance, please call 215-425-1390 or email

Argentinian: Tango
Brazilian: Traditional
Colombian: Traditional, Vallenato, Rock
Cuban: Son, Popular, Percussion
Ecuadorian: Traditional
Guatemalan: Marimba
Mexican: Mariachi, Folkloric, Rock
Panamanian: Folkloric
Peruvian: Traditional and International
Puerto Rican: Trio, Percussion, Bomba, Plena, Salsa, Trovador, Hip-hop, Reggaeton, Guajira, Bachata
Various: Latin Fusion, Hip-hop, Rock, Jazz